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Av Ica - 30 april 2008 20:48


Sorry for the bad quality =/

Av Ica - 30 april 2008 20:19

From newspaper Metro 30.04.2008:

Bill speaks out

Hope about Tokio Hotel concert in the fall

Here is the answer to the worlds emo-fans.
Tokio Hotels singer Bill Kaulitz, 18, talks
out about his operation.

- I want to thank everyone for their support, says
Tokio Hotel canceled their concert cause of a
Bill's vocal cords problem and operation. But
overall everything seems to have gone as planned.
Kaulitz talks with his clear throat and says to their
fans that he is really looking forward to the next gigs
coming up now. For us Swedes their won't be any
concert this summer.
- But their is hope of being one
in the fall. As soon as anything is decided we'll
inform you, says Anna Sjölund from Live Nation.

Translated by Ica

Here is the original article:

Av Ica - 29 april 2008 19:05

Well we're not sure about this but there is a rumor about Tokio Hotel having a concert here is Sweden the 12.06.2008

Just the day after we end school! =D

Av Ica - 29 april 2008 19:02

Here is a close up of Gustav's tattoo on his back

Av Ica - 29 april 2008 16:48
Tokio hotel Bill speaks 29.04.2008by tokiohoteluscom

So that was todays video of the day

Here is the translation of what he said:

Hi guys, It´s me, Bill!

I wanted to thank you again for the great support you gave me in the time I had the problem with my voice. It was… yeah.. not that easy… and I felt terrible sorry… and it was really nice to see that you´re all behind me… and that you sent THAT much to me… thank you very very much.. I was really, really happy about this…

it´s an amazing feeling to note that all the people are there (for me)
I´m looking forward to the concerts.. and I´m especially glad that we´ll be able to catch up the Dortmund concert, here in Germany.. it was really, really important to me that we are going to play THIS concert.. I saw that you were already there, waiting… and Im looking forward to finally seeing you and to playing the concert. Thank you very, very much!

Translated by Starshine at

Av Ica - 29 april 2008 07:02

Heey we've got really good news about Bill! Today att 1pm you can see him talk here. The first message that he is talking in after his surgery!

Here you have a picture of him till it's time to see him talk ;)

Av Ica - 29 april 2008 06:58

Chat LIVE with Tokio Hotel on HABBO this Wednesday April 30th at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern time.  Go here for all the details

Did you see Tokio Hotel again on TRL today? If you missed them they were #9! Let's keep those votes going and get them to #1, where they belong!

Want to show your Tokio Hotel support but don't have a t-shirt to wear around town? Well, fear not! The Tokio Hotel U.S merch is now open for business. Check out all the cool merch here!

While you're buying your new t-shirt make sure to head over to Tokio Hotel's VIP section to pre-order your copy of SCREAM! There are a bunch of different versions, so choose wisely -- or buy them all :) Head over to

Av Ica - 28 april 2008 22:09

Here is the video of the day =D



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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