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Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 23:42

Magdeburg- The fans of the Magdeburger teenie band Tokio Hotel will get there destroyed pilgrimage place back! The wrecked cult busstop will be rebuild according to the decision of the city council of Loitsche, writes newspaper "Magdeburger Volksstimme". The waitingpoint near the house of the parents of bandmembers Bill and Tom Kaulitz has developed itself to a meeting point for fans. Youngsters had destroyed the little house with it's love statements four weeks ago. Now a new one will be placed in the centre of the city, sort of an official pilgrimage place for Tokio Hotel fans! Souvenir hunters, watch it: the old parts of the broken house, the city council is planning to sell on internet.


Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 23:41

So, Tokio Hotel have arrived in Portugal, pictures and other goodies will be up sooon ;)

Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 19:00

From Hannah_5 (

Tokio Hotel's video "Ready,Set,Go" (the English version!) is nominated for Canada's MMVAs (much music video awards) in the category "Best International Video - Group"

let's cross our fingers and hope for them to win
they are up against some pretty tough competitors
including: - Fall Out Boys, One Republic, Panic!At The Disco, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, etc...
★ you can vote online or by text
text “MMVA” to 299299. The awards show will air on June 15. at 9ET(if it 9ET then i think it's 6 Pacific)
17 days left!! *I have NO idea how much this costs etc so you might want to check before you vote!*

Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 18:40

Nice artwork by Amy, found this here


And here are some wallpapers (same source as earlier)

Link, link, link.

If you got any more artwork, feel free to send it to us at:

Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 18:35

Tokio Hotel were featured in The Star, a well-known Malaysian newspaper, dated 31st May 2008! It's under the Showbiz section, with the page title, 'Tokio Hotel Totally Rocks', and a picture of the guys to seal the deal. WOW. Malaysia, huh?!


Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 10:21

Here is a video of Tom at the after party at the Comet Awards:


Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 10:20




Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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