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Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 22:19

We just want you to know that you still can sign up for helping us with our site and so on. Ex. when we aren't able to post news you can get to do that for us and so on, we also still need translators!!

E-mail this to us:

E-mail to:



Help us when we can't: Yes/No

How we easly can get a hold of you!

That's all we want to know!

We also want more people in our FORUM it feels a bit empty, the more people the more fun and more things we'll fix for our members!!


Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 22:00

Here are a few more links to videos you can download

Link, link, link

Sorry but I dont know which is which so it will be a surprise for you guys ;)

Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 21:57

- Ich Brech Aus
- Der Letzte Tag
- 1000 Meere
- Leb' Die Sekunde
- Totgeliebt
- Heilig
- Schrei
- Schwarz
- Stich Ins Glück
- Übers Ende Der Welt
- Reden
- Wir sterben niemals aus
- Spring Nicht
- Geh
- Ich bin nich' ich
- Wo Sind Eure Hande
- Durch den Monsun
- In die nacht
- Rette Mich
- Vergessene Kinder
- An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)

Just a few songs xD, quite many =p

Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 21:50

Sorry guys, I dont know and portugese but here is an article from Metro today I think =p

(if anyone that reads here knows portugese can you please help us understand this article?!?!?


Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 21:04

If you want to download

  • Live every Second
  • Black
  • Scream
  • Raise Your Hands
  • Monsoon

Click here

and if you wanna download these

  • Geh
  • By Your Side

Click here

Here is a video too:

Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 20:54

A little late, but here are TH concerts for the summer:

1. June- Portugal

13. June - Germay

14. June - Netherlands 
21. June - France

27. June - Spain
28. June - Spain

29. June - Portugal

05. July - Monaco
06. July - Italy

11. July - Italy
12. July - Switzerland
13. July - Belgium

Some of these are festivals, and some are concerts instead of the ones that were cancelled..

If we have missed any concerts, comment!

Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 16:37

German Rock Band Tokio Hotel Making “Scream” Music Buzz

Quote: German Rock Band Tokio Hotel Making "Scream" Music Buzz

Tokio Hotel makes a buzz in America.

Not too many music bands make the front pages of the New York Times; however, not every band is the Rock German quartet known as Tokio Hotel.

The Associated Press reports that the international famed boy band have started to create a frenzied teen buzz here in the States. Recently having completed a successful U.S promotional tour in support of their first American CD release, Scream, the band hopes to replicate their worldwide popularity and music sales which currently totals over two million.

Being the first German band to enter the U.S Billboard charts in over 20 years, the band's public awareness can be mostly attributed to the Internet, where, for example, they are currently the top searched music band signed to a label on YouTube. Besides having over 100,000 videos on the Internet, the band also features weekly filmed updates on the Web, are visually diverse in appearance, and are all under the age of 20.

Having formed in 2001, with over seven years in the music business, Tokio Hotel have now set their sites and hopes on becoming successful in America.

Av Ica - 2 juni 2008 07:32

At Rock in Rio



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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