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(Posted by Melanie at THA)

August 15th will be the third anniversary of the release of Durch den Monsun, the song that launched Tokio Hotel's career. We here at Tokio Hotel International wanted to do something special to mark this three year milestone. So we're going to put together a new video, but to make it really amazing, we need YOU!

We would like you to send us pictures of yourself that were inspired by the song. You could pose with an umbrella, or dancing in the rain or whatever you like, as long as it shows us some link to the song. We will be compiling all the pictures onto a stormy background, and combining them with all the different versions of Durch den Monsun. Then on August 15th we will post the video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy, along with sending a copy to the band on CD.

Here are the rules:

  • Pictures should be in jpg format and larger than 768 x 576 pixels. It also needs to be taken in landscape format rather than portrait (that means the longest part of the picture needs to be across rather than up and down).
  • Please include your name and country somewhere with your submission. It doesn't have to be on the picture, as long as you include it in your email when you submit the picture. If you do not include a name, we will use a small part of your email name.
  • Please be sure all submissions are appropriate for all ages. This means no nudity and no foul language. This video will be posted on YouTube where anyone can see it. If you wouldn't want your grandmother to see you doing something, don't send it to us. Inappropriate submissions will not be used.
  • Cut off date is midnight on June 30th. We will not be accepting any submissions after this date. This way we will have plenty of time to get the video compiled and checked before the release date on August 15th.
  • You may include a message to be translated into German and added to your picture, but it may be a maximum of 120 characters. We can't add entire books to the picture. Any message that exceeds the limit will be edited down.

Send your submissions to and be sure to put "Zusammen - Durch den Monsun" in the subject line or your submission may be missed. If you have any questions, please check the forum here first to see if your question has already been answered before you email the staff.

So let's get going and show Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav that the fans are with them, Zusammen - für immer!

For all current translations to see the rules in your own language, please check our Wiki page here! And feel free to grab the banner above to spread the word :)


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Check in with Tokio Hotel!
They've taken over Germany with their catchy pop/rock tunes and now Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav are spreading their universal sound to America!

What to expect!
"In general, I would say [our sound] is rock," Tom describes. "We always tried to create our own style. It's hard to describe, but at the beginning of all our songs you can tell that it is a Tokio Hotel song. It's something you hear in the first chords!"

Hopes and dreams!
"We are not really about goals," Tom tells Popstar! "All we really want is to play live as much as possible."

German fans vs American fans!
"Every fan is different, but what they all have in common is that they are very engaged, that they are very intense," Bill says. They live this life with us." Tom has other things in mind, saying, "I personally was very happy to see all the pretty girls in the audience!"


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It's a cold, rainy Saturday in New Jersey, and hundreds of hoodie-clad teenyboppers are scrunched shoulder to shoulder in the Meadlowlands parking lot, screaming for Tokio Hotel. "Bill, I want to comb your hair!" shrieks a teen girl in the front row as the band — fronted by glammed-out singer Bill Kaulitz, 18, and his dreadlocked twin, guitarist Tom — kick into "Ready Set Go." Bill doesn't answer — after all, if he complied with every hair-combing request, his trademark porcupine spikes would be defunct. Instead, he swivels his skinny hips, pumps his fist skyward and sings.

Since Tokio Hotels third album, Scream, was released in the U.S on April 29th, the German emo rockers — who blend lashing riffs and forceful wails into dark, snarling anthems — have become superstars, snagging a spot on MTV's TRL, sold-out shows in New York and LA and legions of admirers. "When we played [New York’s] Irving Plaza in February, the audience sang all the songs — even two German ones," says Bill. "In Europe we play big concerts, but in America it’s so cool to see all the people — and all the girls."

A few years ago, Bill and Tom were performing for tiny crowds in their hometown, the small salt-mining town of Madgeburg, part of former East Germany. "Every weekend we played to, like, 15 people in the same club," says Tom, who picked up his first guitar at age seven, around the same time that Bill decided he wanted to be a star. ("I saw a concert with Nena singing '99 Red Balloons' on TV and I said, 'I will also go onstage and sing,' " he recalls.) Tokio Hotel was born in 2001, when local teens Gustav Schafer (drums) and Georg Listing (bass) caught one of the duo's gigs. "We said, 'Oh my god, someone should help them!' " jokes Listing.

Scream — which is culled from tracks on the group's first two German discs (which both hit number one overseas, earning them their ten-times-platinum status) — is the band's English debut. "Every song has a strong connection to us," says Bill, who models his look after a vampire Halloween costume he wore as a kid.) " 'Ready, Set, Go' is kind of our story," he adds. "It’s about going for your dream and not being afraid to start a new life."

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Keep on voting here

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(I got hold of the translation =D )
Photo of Bill and next the words: young idols and emotions in family on the 3º day of music in Rock in Rio

Tokio Hotel: "we are hate fault with our fans"

The difficult times have past, guarantees the German band.
After the cancelation of the concert in Atlantic Pavilion, Tokio Hotel debut finally in Portugal. METRO has talked to then before their concert in Rock in Rio.

You are finally debut here. Haw do you fell?
Bill: yes, the last time it didn't went so well. It was bad luck. But this time everything is going well and we are very happy to sing to the Portuguese public.

Have you recovered?
Bill: yes, I was very sick. The tree fouling weeks to the operation were very difficult. It was my period of rehab (laughs making a allusion to Amy Winehouse). But now everything is ok. We have singed two times already after the operation and everything went well.

The band stopped our did you practice?
Tom: I was with Bill during the time of the recovery. I went with him to the hospital and everything. Georg and Gustav had more free time. You can say they were doing whatever they wanted.

Is there any song that can appear from this difficult time?
Bill: they were difficult times and I don't want to remember them much. I don't want to have many memories. There were many nerves and pain. I just want to get over it, to be well and forget about it.

Coming to Portugal, with more time, did it aloud you to get the number of fans you have screaming for you?
Tom: Yes, it's a very good felling. We liked a lot and found out many fans here in Portugal. That is also one of the reasons we were very sorry to cancel the last concert here. We like to be in Portugal a lot and to know there is sow many people supporting us.

Did you get a notion of the disappointment of the fans?
Bill: Yes, but it wasn't just here. It was in very country we had to cancel. I was very surprised with all the letters and other things sent to me and with the all support people gave me. It was very nice to know that.

What do you expect for this tour?
Tom: we are not expecting anything from the fans. We are the ones ate fault, we are the ones that have to go and get back what they gave us. The cancelation was a big disappointment for them. In any case, we hope the fans are in good mood and with lots of energy for the shows.

After the tour, are you thinking in starting a new album? Have you started already?
Tom: now we are just playing festivals, in the weekend. During the week we get together to reerce and play. We have created same new music's this way. The plane is to do the new album during the summer, to write more and produce something new.

So when can we expect a new TH album?
Bill: we don't want to compromise our self's with any date, because we are still half way fro. We don't want to limit our time. When we are ready you will see.    Source

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More than 50.000 visitors!

Yesterday evening, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg successfully opened their summer festival season for about 50.000 visitors! At the famous “Rock in Rio” festival in Lisboa, Portugal! The Rock in Rio festival has an impressive history and among the biggest stars in the world such as Bon Jovi, Lenny Kravitz, The Police and Amy Winehouse, the four Magdeburgers rocked for one hour at an amazing stage as the headliner!

And the best thing about it: Bill is 100% healthy and he sings better than ever, let the Tokio Hotel Festival Summer 2008 come! For Bill, Tom, Gustav, Georg and their fans the summer festivals are always something unforgettable and that’s why the boys have come up with something really special for you

At 21.06 the band is playing a Mega-Open-Air-Concert in the legendary Paris stadium “Parc des Princes”. For you Tokio Hotel have designed a special “Parc de Princes” t-shirt for this sensational event.

Bill: “We really want to give our fans a t-shirt that you would get out of the closet and it would remind you of being at the “Parc des Princes” festival.”

This is your chance - ensure yourself of this limited t-shirt together with a much wanted standing ticket for the Stadium!

The price for this exclusive pack is just 66,66euro
Translated by beertje_86

source: tokio hotel newsletter 02.06,



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