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Av Ica - 4 juni 2008 17:26

Here is a interview with the guys!!


Av Ica - 4 juni 2008 17:20

Thanx purplehaze at THA

"French magazine ONE had a readers' poll "You are The ONE" some time ago...
and here are the results:

1. Bill Kaulitz
2. Tom Kaulitz

2. Zac Efron
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Johnny Depp


Av Ica - 4 juni 2008 17:11

My favorite:


Av Ica - 4 juni 2008 07:22

Translateted by Stern from THA!

It's one of the bands Tokio Hotel. Tokio Hotel performed for the 1st time in Portugal. Many fans slept at the doors of "Cidade do Rock" (place where the festival took place) to guarantee a place in the 1st row. Sic followed the moment when hundreds of fans entered the festival.
Reporter: Run so they can guarantee a place in the 1st row. Everything to have privileged sight at the concert of Tokio Hotel.
On the 1st row stayed the most fanatic and even the most desperate.
Fan1: Oh, I would cry of emotion and would hug him and tell him everything to his face. Everything! I swear I have so many things to tell him.
Reporter: Do you feel like crying knowing that you're here so close to them?
Fan1: nods Yes.
Reporter: Are you emotionated?
Fan1: nods
Reporter: Why?
Fan1: Because, I don't know, it has been so many days without seeing them, I waited so long to see them.
Reporter: What does those posters say?
Fan2: You are our angel. Tom takes us to your hotel room.
Reporter: To his room? But aren't you too young?
All: No, no.
Reporter: If you had that chance you would go?
All: Of course!
Fan3: I don't know, I don't know we jump all this to get there.
Reporter: You would do everything?
Fan3: Everything.
Fan4: They deserve everything.
Reporter: Why?
All: Because they are the greatest, they are unique.
Reporter: Since what time are you here?
Fan5: 6 a.m from Friday.
Reporter: You were here since Friday till Sunday?
Fan5: Yes, sleeping on the street.
Reporter: Only to guarantee this place?
Fan5: Yes, of course. Had to do it! We couldn't came late thinking we would get here early. That's what many people do and they end up in the back and they deserve it!
Reporter:And your parents let you?
Fan5: Yes, of course. They know it's our dream.
It was the desperation to stand as close as possible from the stage that end up dragging, literally, sic's team.



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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