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Av Ica - 16 juni 2008 22:43

Unfortunately, Tokio Hotel lost Best International Video - Group to Linkin Park.

Av Ica - 16 juni 2008 22:18

RTL Exclusiv 15.06.08  

Woman: From Germany to Detroit, from Magdenburg to Manhattan. Tokio Hotel has made a big jump. Meanwhile the band is succesful all over the world and you can find them more in foreign countries than in Germany. This weekend the teenie-rockers, who were 3 years ago totaly unknown, gave their one and only concert in Germany.
Voice-over: The boys from Magdenburg "hold" the globe very tight! That's a fact. It doesn't matter if it's France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israël, Russia and now also America. The screaming is heard all over the world. Three years ago, Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav were still "nobodies" and now they are "globalplayers".
Bill:Nothing is like it used to be.
Voice-over: Grow up in the sight of millions of people. How does that feel and where is your private life. And for the female-fans very important; who has already a girlfriend and who is still available?
Bill: I would like it very much to fall in love, but just see what will happen.
Voice-over: Tokio Hotel back in Germany, lots of questions. We have the exclusive answers. This weekend everything is like it used to be. The Dortmunder WestFalenHalle is filled with 12.000 fans. It's the first concert since a long time in Germany again.
Because of Bills surgery all the concerts were canceled. Fully healed again they went for a promo-tour through the U.S.A The american fans very happy and the german fans afraid of losing their idols.
Tom: The 'thing' is: we will always come back to Germany to give concerts.
Voice-over: Currently the U.S.A is announced. Some other artists diidn't make it in the U.S.A like Robbie Williams. Tokio Hotel is a succes though, that is proven the last few weeks. Concerts are sold out. They recieved invitations for talkshows. No one had expect this to happen.
Bill: For us it's totaly insane, we saw our pictures hanging in Times Square. It was a bit frightening for us because we could not believe it was real, and we were really there. Only 3 1/2 years ago we stood in Magdenburg on stage and now we are so succesful, it's insane! It's hard to understand.
Voice-over: For almost 3 years no one had ever heard of Tokio Hotel. The starters of the 'garage-combo', the first interview on the schoolyard with the subject 'teachers'.
Tom: There are also kind ones who asks signatures for their grandchildren,but the ones who couldn't stand us before, they still can't stand us.
Bill: They are still crap too.
Voice-over: Since that day TH has sold 5 million cd's. Why TH is so succesful we better ask the fans.
Interviewer:What's the worst thing you have to go through with your daughter?
Mother: The long period of waiting.
Interviewer: Are you proud of your mother?
Daughter: Yes
Interviewer: How long do you think you have to wait before you get in?
Mother: Yet it goes quick, maybe an hour or half an hour.
Voice-over:They are loved but also they are very 'observed'. For example, this picture of a smoking Bill at an aftershowparty, also with a longdrink, opened the discussion of them being an example for the fans.
Bill: We started with 15 now we are 18 and everyone could take a look at how we grew up, and what mistakes we have made.We have stopped hiding things about ourselves only because we are in the spotlights, and that's our choice. Lots of things we don't want to hide, and lots of things we don't want to be ashamed of.
Voice-over: Maybe he's right and is it a part of the succelf life they are living. They are very "authentic'and that goes far over the world. The band leaves their marks everywhere. And maybe that's why it is hard for the boys to built up relationships with other people.Suddenly Bills goes personal.
Bill: I'm-uh, we are still single. But when time goes by I notice that I'm actually searching.And that you want to have some one at your side.Especially when you're always traveling. I want to fall in love. Let's see if that happens...I hope it won't take long.
Voice-over: While Bill is waiting of the love of his love, Tom enjoys touring.
Bill: France is a 'geiles' country it's been an extremely succesful country for us.
We've had some great concerts there. You can have the best parties in Russia, that's for sure. There are the best clubs.
Tom: I've had the best sex all over the world actually.
Bill and Georg: Ooahh.
Voice-over: After their concert in Dortmund they move on to their next concert in Holland and after that they go to Paris and Barcelona. The guys are busy. And off course they have to record a new album. If they will have time for a girlfriend is still a secret.


Av Ica - 16 juni 2008 21:31

At this link you should vote for Tom & Bill Kaulitz for best style icon or something like that!!

some notes to help you:

Name: Name

Vorname: First name

Straße, Hausnummer: Street, number

PLZ/Ort: Postal Code / Town

Bitte geben Sie den unten gezeigten Sicherheitscode in das danebenstehende Feld ein:  Please enter the security code in the field below

If you want more translated just post a comment and we'll help you!

Av Ica - 16 juni 2008 21:27

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