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Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 18:08

Here Tom, Gustav and Bill opening presents!!


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Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 17:58

You might not have understood the title but you will when you see the pictures!!

To see them press here!

Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 17:55

Lucky @ THA

Open Letter on the Day of Intellectual Property

Dear Chancellor,
tomorrow is the Day of Intellectual Property. As componists and musicians, writers and publishers, as actors and movie makers we appreciate it a lot that with this day attention is supposed to be drawn to the worth of intellectual property. Because unfortunately we have to watch how the right on a proper protection of our works is violated every day. Most of all in the internet millions of songs, movies or audio books are offered and downloaded wrongfully, without the cretives, that stand behind these products being rewarded fairly. Like that soley in the last year 300 Millions of music peaces have been downloaded illegally from the internet. Ten times the amount of music pieces that were sold legally. Several millions of people take advantage of file sharing networks and other illegal sources on a regular basis. And although not only the victims, but also the general society is harmed due to tax deficits and unemployment, the state so far has been watching almost without taking any actions. In China you stand examplaryly for the interests of German industry concerning the topic of product pirating. Please do that in Germany aswell for more respect of the protection of intellectual property. Because as the only way to defend themselves, artists, creatives and the involved industries have to operate juristically against those who offer illegal material. Intellectual property on the contrary is – as the boss of the same-named picture empire Mark Getty said once – the oil of the 21st century. Behind that is the cognition that cultural and creative business is already and most importantly in the future the engine for growth and wealth. Without music and audio books we wouldn’t need iPods, without movies no flat srcreen TVs, without broad band contentrs we wouldn’t need fast internet connections. Like that unfortunately about 70% of German internet usage go to – mostly illegal – sharing networks. But while the worth a billion telecommunication industry gets massive profits out of illegal contents, they refuse to protect the intellectual property. In Europe more an dmore countries realize that masses of individual court cases can only be a solution for the moment and that technological progress and protection of intellectual property mustn’t be opposites. France and England step forward with examplary initiatives. There internet providers, aswell as the movie and music industry are requested to develop methods, together with customer protectors and data protection specialists under the supervision of the state, to balance the interests of all involved fairly.
Dear chancellor, we know that on such a way, lots of political and legal hurdles have to be overcome. That is why we ask you: Please take care of this topic yourself, and make it boss business. Because, while established artists can still live on their success from the past, the internet piratery mostly hits young upcoming talents. In the long run cultural and creative diversity will decrease in our country and we will loose one of our most important recources of the future.

Hoping for you support and with greetings,[list of artists]

The letter Tokio Hotel and thousends of other German artists have signed.

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Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 17:48

Dortmund’s amazing fan action! Trying something new…. alternating the German with the google translation.

10 000 Sterne für Tokio Hotel
Überraschung für Bill & Co. bei ihrem einzigen Deutschland-Konzert in Dortmund
Petershagen/Dortmund (mt). 10 000 Sterne für Tokio Hotel: Für das einzige Deutschland-Konzert in Dortmund haben sich die etwa 12 000 Fans eine Überraschung für Bill & Co. ausgedacht.

10 000 stars for Tokyo Hotel
Surprise for Bill & Co. in its sole concert in Germany Dortmund
Petershagen / Dortmund (mt). 10 000 stars for Tokyo hotel: For Germany the only concert in Dortmund, the approximately 12 000 fans a surprise for Bill & Co. invented.

Bei dem Lied “1000 Meere” halten fast alle selbst gebastelte Sterne passend zu der Strophe “1000 Sterne ziehen vorbei” in die Höhe: Ein tolles Bild und schöne Atmosphäre in der Dortmunder Westfalenhalle. Extra für das Lied “Wo sind eure Hände” haben die Fans außerdem aufgeblasene Handschuhe dabei, mit denen sie Bill, Tom, Georg und Gustav zuwinken.

In the song “1000 Seas”, almost all handmade stars to match the verse “1000 Stars pull over,” in the air: A great image and beautiful atmosphere in Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle. Extra for the song “Where are your hands’ fans have also bloated the gloves with which they Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav wave.

Sänger Bill Kaulitz ist von dieser Idee so überrascht, dass er sich spontan selbst einen Handschuh von einem Fan ausleiht und überzieht. Nach seiner Stimmband-Entzündung vom Frühjahr ist er inzwischen wieder in Topform. Man sieht den vier Idolen an, dass sie sich freuen, mal wieder zu Hause in Deutschland ein Konzert geben zu können. Als besonderes Highlight spielt Tokio Hotel in Dortmund zum ersten Mal den Song “Geh” vor deutschen Fans. Am Ende der Show gaben Bill und Tom Kaulitz zusammen eine Zugabe und Drummer Gustav noch ein Schlagzeug-Solo.

Singer Bill Kaulitz of this idea is so surprised that he spontaneously even a glove of a fan ausleiht and covers. After his vocal chord and inflammation of the spring, he is now back in shape. You can see the four idols, that they are happy times back home in Germany to give a concert. A special highlight plays Tokyo hotel in Dortmund for the first time the song “Go” before German fans. At the end of the show were Bill and Tom Kaulitz together an encore and drummer Gustav a drum solo.

Schon Wochen vor dem Auftritt haben tausende Fans vor den Westfalenhallen gecampt, um sich einen Platz in den ersten Reihen zu ergattern und so nah wie möglich an ihre Idole heranzukommen. Auch kurz vor Beginn des Konzerts war Geduld angesagt: Wegen Sound-Problemen mussten die Fans eine Stunde länger warten als geplant. Obwohl es regnete, vertrieb das keinen echten Fan.

Die vier Jungs von Tokio Hotel fliegen jetzt weiter nach Frankreich, Spanien, Portugal und Italien. Tokio Hotel ist ein deutscher Exportschlager. Selbst in Israel und den USA lernen Jugendliche plötzlich Deutsch, um die Texte mitsingen zu können. Das schaffte bisher nur Rammstein.

Even weeks before the performance, thousands of fans at the Westfalen gecampt halls to get a place in the first series of wet and as close as possible to their idols them. Also shortly before the start of the concert was called for patience: Due to sound problems had the fans wait one hour longer than planned. Although it was raining, the distribution

The four boys from Tokyo hotel now fly on to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Tokio Hotel is a German export hit. Even in Israel and the United States suddenly young people learn German in order to be able to sing along. The so far only managed to Rammstein.



Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 17:44

Time to start voting even more here!!!

You can only vote once so every vote is very special!!

Right now its even between our guys (Tokio Hotel) and Twilight Cast! Same amount of % but two more peolpe have voted for Twilight Cast!

Av Ica - 17 juni 2008 17:43

Lovely HQ pictures! More here!

Wonderful dont you think??



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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