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Av Ica - 19 juni 2008 22:59

Okaay just want to tell you that this place WONT be updated for the next three up coming days, or not that we know at least might get someone who will do this for us.

 If so we'll tell you about it ;)



Havent found anyone to cover for us these up coming days...

Sorry if we are letting you guys down =/

Av Ica - 19 juni 2008 22:36

"Yes! It..s true! There are still tickets left for Tokio Hotels magnificent Open Air tour this summer!
Here are your links to purchase tickets:

MONACO: " Monaco live 2008"

ITALY: " Parco novi sad " - Modena

http://www. ticketone. it/newsComplete. jsp?idCat=52&cdNews=176458&idCatPT=529&cdProductSelected=MIC

ITALY: " La fiesta de l..Hippodrome des cappanelle " - Rome

:http://www. ticketone. it/newsComplete. jsp?idCat=52&cdNews=176458&idCatPT=529&cdProductCity=MIC2200

BELGIUM: " Werchter Festival "- Werchter"


Av Ica - 19 juni 2008 22:33

This wont be as updated right now during the summer but will be back afterwards ;)

TH TV ep. 31

Av Ica - 19 juni 2008 22:31

comment here

Tokio Hotel fans line-up in Germany

(By Sarah Muller)

For twentysomething Germans, the love might not extend past the Hoff.

Three friends from Hamburg recently came to New York for a visit. (Lovely bunch of people. Very open-minded, always up for anything.) One night during dinner — and somewhat out of the blue — their chief pop-culture export of the moment came up: Tokio Hotel.

On this side of the Atlantic, the boy band has been gathering both
buzz and rabid, tween young fans. (Hey, we already apologized for that one!) But my friends aren't buying into the hair, the eyeliner or the hype.

Words like "embarrassment" and "lame" were thrown around a lot. One woman said Tokio Hotel only appeal to "kids and teenagers between 6 and 12 years old" or those "too young to realize what kind of stupid phonies these boys are." My guy friend begged Americans like myself to "take them off our hands." He added, simply, "They suck."

I'll be the first to admit this was not exactly a scientific poll, though they could represent a bigger backlash to come. Is this band just part of a prepubescent phase, or are fans onto something big?

Just curious. Tell us what you think.



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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