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Hitkrant 25

Av Ica - 24 juni 2008 20:30

Translated by rosaatje

Hitkrant did a few short interviews with some fans at the concert in nijmegen. They have some cool pictures, I'll try to scan them, but It might take a while because my scanner is acting weird.

(note: all the names of the fans are in there the scans, but I'll only translate the first letter of their name and what they say here.)

Tokio hotel gave their first concert in the dutch open air. It was pure love in nijmegen.
review of the fans:
1. S, S, K and M: Tokio hotel are unique, they dare to be them selfs.
2. M loves tom, her sister and friend A and C like bill the most. 'especially his hair is cool, but it was even better with the white stripes in it.

3. C thinks gustav is heaven. 'he's calm, sweet and handsome. Bill is cool to, he does what he wants, but Gustav doesn't want to be in the spotlights and that's the kind of guy I like. her friend D like gustav to because he's such a good drummer. Bill is one of her favorites too, because he does what he want. (rosaatje note: god, that so original Hikrant! 3 people in a row that like bill because "he does what he wants". was the no other answere?!)
4 M and E. brought a towel with them. " the dutch street team organised 3 fanactions. one was with flags of your country so people could see were you're from. the second was bubbles during 1000 meere and the 3th is that you have to through you towel on stage when the boys do the same thing with theirs.

The dutch band the jeremy's and SAT2D were the special guests at this concert. the made their own punkshow. whenever the singers said tokio hotel everybody started screaming. makes sense doesn't it?

during the beginning of the first song bill was standing near gustav at the end of the stage. a moment later he walks of the stairs and we can see him (a little bit) closer. the white jacket looks good on him!

Bill is realy happy that he can sing again and that they're here in goffert park. Bill: "wow! so many of you have come! it's quite cold but don't let that scare you!"

"we will always return in holland, if you guys want us to!" bill to the screaming audience.

fan reactions after the concert:
M, J, M and J liked it a lot. for die hard fan M it was her 5th th concert. I liked it that they sung the entire concert in German, and I loved it that the played geh. I had never heard that song live. When bill said that he wasn't able to sing for a while and that he liked it to be here, he was literally glowing of joy! That was so cool!

L: It was amazing! it was so beautiful when bill walked up to tom and put his arm aroud him! or when he smiles at georg!you can see that they're good friends. I liked it that they sung in german, because it looks better. My german in school has inproved since I became a fan too. I actualy look forward to german classes! haha!



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