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Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 23:05

Sorry if its not been such intresting news but the guys havent been up to much but tonight they are having a concert in Spain and even tomorrow so there will be loads of pictures and things like that ;) and Im gonna tell u what happened during the concerts as usuall but Im gonna do that the day after just so u know ;);)

Going to bed soon byee :)

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 22:59

Thanks to .B.A.

CZ Šťastná13 (translate: Happy thirteen - poster special) 

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 18:23

If you dont mind please be come member in our forum about Tokio Hotel!!

The more people the more fun it is!!

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 18:18

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 18:16

Thanks to reden @


Super pop

Scans found at French forum :

Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 18:09

For you who dont already know, Tokio Hotel are going to realse a Official book about them!

Short facts:

  • 150 color pictures
  •  25x25cm
  • about 112 pages
  • realsed in the autumn 2008!
  • prices: about €14.95 | USD 19.95 | GBP 9.95 | CAN 29.95


Av Ica - 27 juni 2008 15:52

Just checking through my 2 new magazines.

OKAY and FRIDA summerspecial..

In the magazine OKAY I found this:

Someone is compaining and then right underneth there is a picture of them and a number that u can send some text to get Durch Den Monsun for free.. Just a bit odd. Dont u think??

In FRIDA I found this:

There is a memory game with hot guys and Bill Kaulitz is one of them!! (He is even the forth one on the front, you cant see all the guys on the front =D )

Then they also had, what famous people would write in their postcard from their vaccation!

So here is what they think TH would write:

Hallo fans!

Wir sind jetzt på ett hotell i Tokyo. Alles ist gut med oss. Ikväll är det konsert und wir hoppas att det nicht regnet på oss, som det gjorde under MTV Music Awards. Bills haar blev en katastrof! Men wirwünschen i alla fall alla våra svenska fans en wunderbar sommar!

Liebe/Tokio Hotel

(Just to let you know that that is Swedish and German mixed!!)


Hello fans!

We are at a hotel in Tokyo. Everything is good with us. Tonight we are having a concert and hope is wont rain on us again, like it did during MTV Music Awards. Bill's hair was a total disaster! But we wish alla our fans a wonderful summer!

Love/Tokio Hotel

Translated by me, Ica :p



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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