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Av Ica - 28 december 2008 18:03

A reader's poll on says that Tokio Hotel is the 5th worst band in the world. They say the reasons are Bill's hair and their screaming teen girl fanbase.
Here's what they wrote about TH:

«For those living in the United States, the force of nature that is Tokio Hotel hasn't perhaps been fully understood. But you only need visit Sweden or Italy to witness the Backstreet Boys-meets-glam-rock hysteria existing among the kids overseas these days. It seems those of you who are extremely familiar with the Tokio Hotel rage are pretty damn disgusted.
Whether it's because of vocalist Bill Kaulitz's cartoonishly punk hairdo (which seems to not fit his musical style in any manner) or just the fact that screaming teen girls do tend to make up a good chunk of the band's core fan base, there are quite a few reasons that might push Tokio Hotel to the #1 slot in a few years' time.»

Av Ica - 28 december 2008 18:00

The New York Post has posted an article featuring their favorite five new artists of 2008, and TH are on the list! Read the Tokio Hotel excerpt bellow.

Notebook's Favorite Newbies '08

Young girls have always loved a good boy band. But the days of matching outfits and coordinated dance moves are over, judging by the German pop-rock quartet's success this year.

Fronted by 19-year-old twin brothers, the chart-topping, multiplatinum "teenie" band - as they're known in their native land - invaded our shores in May with their US debut, "Scream." Which is pretty much exactly what Goth-lite teen girls (and their younger sisters) did nonstop at all four of their New York shows.

Whether due to the appeal of androgynous frontman Bill Kaulitz's porcupine-like hairdo or the band's politely rockin' tunes, they managed to snag the viewer-awarded best new artist title at this year's MTV Video Music Awards - beating out heavyweights like Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Swift and tween queen Miley Cyrus. Seriously.
- Maxine Shen»

Av Ica - 28 december 2008 17:53

Tokio Hotel had a big year in 2008, and the "Monsoon" that the band caused left them with an MTV Music Video Award and cemented them as a certified underground force in music. While not certifiable pop stars their brand of pop and rock gave the German band worldwide success.
The band recently returned home and Bill and Tom Kaulitz talked about how they spend their Christmas.

[Bill] "Every year we have two weeks off and then we travel to... Tom and me, we always travel always to little islands but most of the time New Year's we're not at home. We're somewhere else just chilling at the beach. Christmas we are all at our families together and celebrate and meet friends."
[Tom] "But the plan is to... I think we fly back to Germany and we go into the studio and write songs, record songs..."
[Bill] "...and Christmas just chilling with our loved ones..."
[Tom] "...and after Christmas we go right back into the studio."

Tokio Hotel recently released a DVD titled Tokio Hotel TV, which chronicles their life on stage and behind-the-scenes. A deluxe edition of the set contains a second disc entitled Future - The Road To The New Album, and it features footage of the band on promotion tours and preparing for their third studio album. The band hopes to finish the new album by summer of 2009.

 watch video, click here.

Av Ica - 28 december 2008 17:48

Become a Part of Tokio Hotel’s Grand Mosaic!

Wanna become part of Tokio Hotel? Well, here is your chance to get a spot in Tokio Hotel history! Join in the gigantic "Mosaic Fan Action". All you need to do is upload a picture of yourself and we’ll make sure you get a nice spot in our Tokio Hotel Mosaic. Ten lucky participants will also receive a real poster of this cool Mosaic when it’s finished... and before we send it out to YOU, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg will sign it personally!!!

So what are you waiting for?
Get a cool picture of yourself and join the fun!

Note: The "Mosaic Fan Action" will close on January 15th so make sure to submit your fan picture before then.


Av Ica - 28 december 2008 17:06

Just telling you all that we have a new poll up and would like that you all would answer the question ;)

Av Ica - 28 december 2008 17:01

Secret Plan

Now they change their sound

Two years ago, Tokio Hotel released their last CD. In spring 2009, the
new album will finally come. And everything about it should be different?

Finally, it’s here! In January 2007, Tokio Hotel released their last album "Zimmer 483." Since then fans have been waiting longingly for new music from the Magdeburger world stars. And finally it’s in the making. For weeks, Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (19), and Georg (21) have been in the studio in Lüneberg in order to work on the new CD. And this time everything should be different! "We’re trying so many new things?, Bill explains, "the motto of the new album is first of all ‘Reset’. That is, we’re leaving everything at zero. We have every possibility in regards to the music. If it’ll be of a hip hop- or a dance-influence, everything is possible." A further surprise: "We want to collaborate with many different artists. We could talk to so many people with success, but we don’t want to reveal anything concretely", Bill grins. "It can be that first we think they’re cool. And then we get to know them in the studio, and realize, “This absolutely will not work." Then whom could the boys have in mind? During their US-Tour, at all the big award shows, they got to know all the big stars like Miley Cyrus (16), the Jonas Brothers, and songwriter Ryan Tender. The boys have also eaten with the world stars Nicole Scherzinger (30) and Jay-Z (39). German stars like the friendly Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (16) or Bushido (30 with whom TH celebrated their Comet award the entire night) could perhaps be rapping on the third album. "We are really picky", Georg gives away. There will also definitely be songs for fans of the old TH sound: "There will be something there for everyone!"


The boys could collaborate with these artists:

Nena: Bill has dreamed of a duet with the Pop-Grandma since his childhood.

Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel would be a dream combo.

Jimi Blue is friends with Bill - will he rap on the new Tokio Hotel album?

Bushido celebrated with the boys at the Comet Awards in Oberhausen - are there joint songs?

Sarah Connor knows Tom & company from after show parties. Will something more happen soon?

Ryan Tedder has offered to write a song for TH.

Jay-Z visited a TH show in LA. Went afterwards to eat with the boys.

Nicole Scherzinger and Wilson Gonzalez would also certainly be hot on the new CD.

Miley Cyrus gambled with TH playing video games at the VMAs. She would naturally be a sensation in a duet with Bill.

Georg, Tom, Gustav, and Bill (from left) will return in 2009 with a new album. It should be released everywhere at the same time.

Av Ica - 28 december 2008 17:00

MTV released its Best of 2008 lists not long ago and Tokio Hotel is on 4 of them! They made the list for Viewer’s Choice with “Ready, Set, Go!”; and the lists for Farewell TRL, Year in Rock, and Very Important Imports with “Monsoon”.



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