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Av Ica - 31 december 2009 18:13


Lots of stuff has been going on since last. The four guys started a fundraiser for Designers against Aids, new singel "World Behind My Wall" and so on. has posted a picture of what the cover of "World Behind My Wall", the singel will be realsed 22 Januari.

Heres a picture of their fundraiser :)'

Tokio Hotel have a message for all you guys out there ;-)

Now I'm off to celebrate New Years Eve! See you next year!! :D



Av Ica - 6 maj 2009 06:57

As many of you probably know Tokio Hotel have made a shirt for H&M - Designers Against Aids

When H&M asked the boys whether they wanted to join the "Fashion Against AIDS" campaign they were on board right away and Bill told us: "We didn't hesitate a second to participate in this campaign. It's a wicked combination to be able to create your very own shirt and increase awareness about AIDS at the same time."

It's sold world wide at H&M. So just go to h& and you will find it in the devision Divided!

(Info from TokioHotel WebTeam)


Av Ica - 23 januari 2009 18:51

Here's part of the main page of DW-WORLD.DE (Spanish Version):,,653,00.html

[09.07.2008 ]

Bill Kaulitz- The phenomenon of Tokio Hotel

In Germany the teenagers are crazy for him, in France they love him and in the United States even the New York Times admires him. Bill Kaulitz is a phenomenon. What's behind of that face with makeup and dyed hair?

Bill is a character that polarizes. Some people love him and can't stop shouting if they are near him and some people hate him and stigmatize him as pretentious. One can argue in favor or against, but it can't be deny that the guy has talent.

His style, his charisma and his way of performing on stage are the factors that have caused the success of Tokio Hotel. He has an enormous capacity of handling publicity. But if he sometimes seems to be a kind and innocent guy, he can also be hard-headed when it comes to impose his will.

Lonely Child

Bill Kaulitz was born on september first 1989 in Leipzig, in the East of Germany. When his parents divorced, he went to live to Magdeburg with his mother and twin brother. Although he got good grades, he didn't like school. Since he went to a school in a neighboring village, he had to wake up at 5:30 am everyday and in the night he returned home late.

Since then he was an individualist. He didn't have many friends and didn't get along well with the teachers. He was a very petulant guy. He was always against the teachers and he complained in a very sophisticated way, demanding his rights as a student. For instance, he protested against his grades if the teachers didn't abide by the legal deadline for correcting the exams.

On the contrary, his mother Simone Kaulitz, a seamstress, had a lot of patience with him. His stepfather, Gordon Trümper, played the bass in a rock band and encouraged the twins to make music. Bill's music idol is Nena. The first album he bought and the first concert he went was of her.

He always knew he wanted to be a musician. Many times, his girlfriends didn't understand him when he prefered to go to the rehearsal room to play with his group or give a concert, than to go out with them. But at that time he already knew that you have to work hard to have success.

At school he already dressed in a very provocative way. His current style is not the effect of an idea of his record company or his manager. He is authentic. Since he was a kid he likes extraordinary clothes. Bill had his first piercing at 13 years old. The idea for his look came in a halloween party, the night of witches, when he dressed as a vampire. He liked the costume so much that he decided to adapt it in his daily live.

Clearly, that this esthetic was not liked by all his classmates and teachers. But that didn't matter to Bill. The purpose of his outfit is to jump into the view , is to provoke.

A postmodern work of art

His style now is a mixture of several elements of different youth movements. His hair is reminiscent of the 80s, his clothes contains influences of the satanist fashion, his face with his painted eyes is similar to those figures of the japanese animations films, the animes or manga. Moreover, he adds the androgyn element. He almost looks like a hybrid of a man and woman.

His whole apperance coincides a little with the style of the Emo-Kids or the pokemons, as they are called in Chile. They also have their hair dyed black and combed in a spectacular way. They also paint their eyes and wear tight pants. But it's only their style that at first sight links them to Bill. The shy and introverted attitude of the Emos has nothing to do with the singer.

He isn't Satanist either, a fan of the animes or the 80s. He only adapts certain elements of different subcultures and joins them in one character. Maybe is this mixture of styles what makes him so famous. He belongs to all groups and to none. It's a postmodern work of art.

To prevail against the adults

When with 15 years old he was becoming famous he had to defend his appearance for the first time. Tokio hotel's record company wants to convert the band into a typical boy-band. Part of that strategy is to change the presence of the four. Although the managers with whom he has to negotiate have more than twice his age, he didn't let them convince him and insists that the band can decide independently the way of dressing.

Today that is one of the reasons of the success of the group. Bill imposed himself against the so-called experts and he has been right. That experience gave him more security. He still entrench himself in the independence of the group and isn't afraid of the adults that want to treat him as a child.

With 18 years old he has learned to behave as a tough businessman. He persues consequently his objectives and surely he hasn't arrived to the end of his journey.

-Translated by Official Tokio Hotel Swedish Street Team !

Av Ica - 1 januari 2009 16:02

Bill Kaulitz New Year Look!

Bill has changed his look! He has now dyed his hair with white tips AND DREADLOCKS!
Firts I thought it was totally photoshopped … but no! OMG!!

Have a look by yourself;

You can see Bills tattoo :) 

 Did YOU like the new change of Bill Kaulitz? If so, HOT or NOT?
Comment and share your opinions with us!

These Bill Kaulitz New Year Hair Pictures are the first Pictures of Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz for the new year 2009.  Bill and Tom Kaulitz on their vacation on the beach, pictures taken by paparazzies.

Av Ica - 1 januari 2009 15:57

DVD "Tokio Hotel TV - Caught on Camera" Chart Updates

Italy - #1 - Gold certification
Portugal - #1 - Gold certification
Norway - #1
Belgium - #1
Spain - #2
Germany - #2
Finland - #2
France - #3 - Double Platinum certification
Sweden - #3
Holland - #3
United States - #6

Av Ica - 1 januari 2009 15:57

MuchMusic has recently posted their highlights of 2008, and Tokio Hotel is in them!

On the selection of the best concert pics - Best Concert Pics of 2008 - you can find a pic of Bill during Tokio Hotel's performance on Feb 11th, on MOD.

MuchMusic also posted an article about the best guests and moments - Best Guests & Moments of 2008 - and Tokio Hotel is on the list of the standouts.

«Twas the night before... Tuesday and all through the... Much store, not a creature was stirring, except for my photo folder. No, scratch that. Nevermind. Let's start over.
Ahem. 2008 saw a huge mishmash of artists, actors and randoms stop by Much HQ. Of course we were there to capture all of them with glorious, glorious newfangled photo machines, and now the time has come to share with you our favourite guests and moments of the year! From Tom Cruise to Usher, MGMT, Jonas Brothers, Twilight Live@Much, Tokio Hotel, Pink and Leona Lewis - we saw more screaming fans come through these parts than any year in memory. (...) Standouts:

4. I don't think anybody really knew the mega status of Tokio Hotel until they stopped by MOD the first time (of two).

Pic: Interview on May 15th '08

Av Ica - 28 december 2008 18:03

A reader's poll on says that Tokio Hotel is the 5th worst band in the world. They say the reasons are Bill's hair and their screaming teen girl fanbase.
Here's what they wrote about TH:

«For those living in the United States, the force of nature that is Tokio Hotel hasn't perhaps been fully understood. But you only need visit Sweden or Italy to witness the Backstreet Boys-meets-glam-rock hysteria existing among the kids overseas these days. It seems those of you who are extremely familiar with the Tokio Hotel rage are pretty damn disgusted.
Whether it's because of vocalist Bill Kaulitz's cartoonishly punk hairdo (which seems to not fit his musical style in any manner) or just the fact that screaming teen girls do tend to make up a good chunk of the band's core fan base, there are quite a few reasons that might push Tokio Hotel to the #1 slot in a few years' time.»

Av Ica - 11 augusti 2008 16:08

We have decided to move this blog to another place!! We did that beacuse we are getting tired of how the layout looks on this one and so on...

This one will still be here for you to view the old news but we wont write any new news here anymore!!

So our new blog is called

So change your bookmark ;) and keep on commenting

Hugs Hanna & Ica

Hope to see all of you guys there ; )


I see that most of you are still visiting this place...Why? xD. Dont forget to go to our other place now! See ya'll there, ok? =)



Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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