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Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 19:30


EXCLU VOICI ! Le leader du groupe allemand a été reįu au permis et s'est offert sa toute premičre voiture....

Bill Kaulitz, il est beau, il chante bien, il a du style, il est riche, il est...
Bref, il ne lui manquait qu'une chose pour parfaire le tableau : pouvoir fouler le bitume ā bord d'un bon gros bolide qui en jette. Mais le problčme, c'est qu'alors que tous les membres de TH ont réussi l'examen, Bill, lui l'a raté lorsqu'il l'a passé la premičre fois...

Mais aprčs quelques semaines de cours de conduite supplémentaires, Bill de Tokio Hotel a finalement assuré comme une bęte et obtenu son permis de conduire il y a deux jours, mercredi dernier, ā la deuxičme tentative donc.

Une fois le sésame en poche, restait plus qu'ā choisir l'engin de ses ręves. Lā, Bill a opté pour une marque allemande en s'offrant une BMW grise série 6 cabriolet (voir ā quoi įa ressemble ici)... Montant du petit bijou ? 90.000 euros environ. C'est le prix ā payer pour aérer sa chevelure avec classe...

Translated by Ines

Exclusive VOICE! The leader of the German band received his driver's license and has offered himself his first car.

Bill Kaulitz, he is beautiful, he sings well, he has style, he is rich, he is...

In short, just one thing was missing to complete the board: be able to ride the asphalt aboard of a good large car which would stand out.

But the problem was that while all members of TH have passed the exam, Bill has failed to pass it the first time...

But after a few weeks of additional driving lessons, Bill of Tokio Hotel has finally gained confidence and got his driver's license two days ago, last Wednesday, his second attempt then.

Once with the sesame seeds in his pocket, it was only missing to choose the engine of his dreams. Here, Bill opted for a German brand by offering himself a grey BMW 6 Series convertible... Price of the small jewel? 90,000 euros. This is the price to pay to ventilate his hair with class...


Av Ica - 2 augusti 2008 13:59

Several months ago, we heard that Tom had his license and bought a new Escalade. Now, Bill has his license and bought a BMW 650i Cabrio. Thanks to rhea of the THus forums, we also have a picture and video below the break.

Av Ica - 28 juli 2008 11:13

Hamburger Morgenpost has published an article about the boys talking about their American popularity and the upcoming album. To read a translation of the article by kennedyrosewhith of our forums, look below the break.

US Fans send Bill to the top
Tokio Hotel continues the conquering of America, in Hamburg a third album is in the works


From Stockholm to Tel Aviv, from Lisbon to Moscow. Everywhere Tokio Hotel leaves their fans in hysteria. Now the chosen Hamburgers continue their conquering of America. The kids in the states are crazy about the hit “Monsoon” (”Durch den Monsun”), and sent the video straight to the top on MTV USA! R&B megastars like Nelly and Chris Brown are left behind.

The critics of the New York Times themselves were flabbergasted about the first US concert of the rock boys, and judged: “Surprisingly appealing from beginning to end”. And the US magazine “Rolling Stone” found that Bill’s “odd English pronunciation” makes their music only still more charming. In August, Bill (18), Tom (18), Gustav (19), and Georg (21) give concerts in Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas, among other things. But work also gets done back home. Currently, the twins spend every free minute with Tokio Hotel producer David Jost (35) in their Hamburg studio. Jost: “Bill covers ever last crumpled piece of paper in his pocket with lyrics. Mostly there’s still a hotel logo from the last foreign trips on it. He’s a little chaotic, and he has also already lost a lot of these papers. But he unfortunately isn’t interested in typing any of these ideas onto his laptop himself.”

Av Ica - 18 juli 2008 17:14

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Av Ica - 11 juli 2008 19:27
Av Ica - 3 juli 2008 16:16

 Right after the surgery on his vocal-cords the frontman of Germany's currently most successful band started working on the new "Tokio Hotel" album.

The days before and after his vocal-cord surgery have been one of the hardest times of his life for Tokio Hotel vocalist Bill Kaulitz (18).

But now, after he endured it all well, the following shows: The medically decreed silence contained something good. Since then Bill works almost daily on new songs. "Bill approaches me constantly with new song ideas" reports band-manager David Jost to B.Z (comment by Starshine: B.Z is the abbreviation for "Berliner Zeitung", a newspaper). Particularly the many travels (USA, France, Spain) seem to inspire him.

"When you're abroad you usually don´t finish the songs, but lots of ideas come into being. You have to dedicate to such a feeling the moment it arises" knows Jost.

Bill writes his lines down on Hotel note paper, into the mobile phone or his laptop. So a lot of material for the new and third album has already been gathered. And one thing is certain: Bill continues to sing in german! That´s no problem for the fans abroad knows Jost. "The main reason for this is that the fans want to get as close as possible to Bill´s identity.Therefore they want to understand the lyrics in german and prefer to hear Bill at concerts in his mother tongue."

But when the record is going to be produced is not cleared out yet.

Original German
Tokio Bill schreibt fast täglich einen neuen Song
Nach seiner Stimmband-OP fing der Frontman von Deutschlands zurzeit erfolgreichster Band an, am neuen "Tokio Hotel"-Album zu arbeiten

Die Zeit vor und nach seiner Stimmband-OP war für "Tokio Hotel"-Sänger Bill Kaulitz (18 ) eine der schwersten seines Lebens.

Doch jetzt, nach dem er alles gut überstanden hat, zeigt sich: Die ärztlich verordnete Schweigepflicht hatte auch was Gutes. Bill schreibt seitdem fast täglich an neuen Songs. "Bill kommt momentan andauernd mit neuen Songideen auf mich zu", erzählt Band-Manager David Jost der B.Z Vor allem auch die vielen Reisen (USA, Frankreich, Spanien) scheinen ihn zu inspirieren. "Wenn man unterwegs ist, schreibt man die Songs zwar meistens nicht ganz zu Ende, aber es entstehen viele Ideen. Man muss sich so einem Gefühl dann auch direkt widmen, wenn es entsteht", weiß Jost.

Auf Hotelzettel, ins Handy oder ins Laptop tippt Bill dann seine Zeilen. Jede Menge Stoff fürs neue und damit dritte Album ist so schon zusammengekommen. Und eins steht fest: Bill singt weiter auf Deutsch! Für die Fans im Ausland kein Problem, weiß Jost: "Das liegt hauptsächlich daran, dass die Fans so nah wie möglich an die Identität von Bill ranwollen.
Deswegen möchten sie die Texte auf Deutsch verstehen und deswegen wollen sie Bill auf Konzerten am liebsten in seiner Muttersprache hören." Wann die neue Platte produziert wird, steht allerdings noch nicht fest


English translation for this is done by Starshine from



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