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Av Ica - 15 december 2008 16:24

Manager slams Perez Hilton’s attack on Bill
“Tokio Hotel aren’t faking it!”

Tokio Hotel’s manager has rubbished claims by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton that lead singer Bill has been faking his US tour concerts – and called him an “internet brat”.

The spat comes after Hollywood gossip legend Perez Hilton labelled Bill Kaulitz and the band “pathetic” on his world famous blog for not playing and singing live during their recent concerts.

But Tokio Hotel manager David Jost slammed the attacks as utter nonsense: “The band having been playing their butts off. And of course Bill sings live!”

Jost added jokingly: “Anyone who has been once to a Tokio Hotel concert knows that. But perhaps we can profit from rumours to the contrary. If anyone who hasn’t yet been to a Tokio Hotel concert and still doubts that they play live now takes the opportunity to buy a ticket for their next concert, then we might think about employing this internet brat [Perez Hilton] as a concert promoter.”

Whether celebrity guru Perez Hilton will take up this offer remains to be seen…


Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 22:49

... is in Festival des Mongolfières, Montreal, Canada.

Updates will be up later!

Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 22:17

Final Day
1000 Oceans
Live Every Second
Don't Jump
Raise Your Hands
Ready, Set, Go
By Your Side

Rescue Me
Durch Den Monsun

Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 12:04

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Tokio Hotel checks in
German band performs in Sayreville to excited fans

SAYREVILLE — Music fans from across North America descended on the Starland Ballroom here Thursday to see a band from Germany whose lead singer dresses like a Japanese anime character.

Welcome to the world of Tokio Hotel, and if you haven't heard of them yet, you will.

"Tokio Hotel will play to an audience of five or to an arena full of fans. It doesn't matter to them because they care about the music and the fans, and that comes across," said Samantha Watson, 18, of Roselle.

Fans lined up by the hundreds in Starland's parking lot Thursday afternoon to get into last night's sold-out show for the glam-pop group described as an emo version of Disney teen stars the Jonas Brothers.

Kiila Lowe, 21, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Rai Renee, 21, of Philadelphia were the first two in line. They arrived at 1 a.m Thursday even though the venue prohibited fans from forming a line until 10 a.m They were asked to leave, they said.

"We're bush babies because we slept in the bushes," Lowe said.

Others, like Geetika Lahr, 17, of Toronto, stayed in a hotel room.

"They're very awesome," Lahr said of the band.

Tokio (pronounced like the city, Tokyo) Hotel was formed in Magdeburg, Germany, and is fronted by twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, who are 18 years old. Bill, with black hair standing on end, an impossibly thin build and packed-on makeup, resembles an anime character, though he has said in past interviews that the look he's going for is goth.

The band has racked up four No. 1 singles and two No. 1 albums in Germany, including "Schrei," their debut, in 2005. The English language album, "Scream," released in the United States on May 6, is composed of tracks from the band's first two German albums, re-recorded in English.

The band's video for its single "Ready, Set, Go" was recently nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. So far, much of the attention on the group has come from the Internet.

"It's like a Beatles thing for us," said Sam Ali, 40, of Hazlet, who was attending the show with his twin children, Anthony and Vanessa, 14, and several other family members.

The band's show at Starland kicks off a U.S club tour. Locally, Tokio Hotel is scheduled to meet fans at an in-store signing at Hot Topic in the Freehold Raceway Mall at 3 p.m today. Wristbands that guaranteed fans an autograph from the band have been distributed. There are none left, said a rep from the store.

Christine Giannetti, 14, of Florham Park, who attended last night's show with Shannon Healy, also 14 of Florham Park, was ready for anything.

"I can sing with them if they sing the songs in English or German," Giannetti said.


Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 20:20

So tonight is the first concert of the USA SUMMERTOUR!!

Updates and pictures will hopefully be up tomorrow if I get a chance to fix that ; )

Thats all for tonight have a great evening ; )

Av Ica - 7 augusti 2008 11:57

[x] 4/8 - 08 - MTV TRL, Broadway, New York (TH vecka)

[x] 5/8 - 08 - MTV TRL, Broadway, New York (TH vecka)
[ ] 7/8 - 08 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, New Jersey
[ ] 8/8 - 08 - Skivsignering av Scream, Sayreville, New Jersey
[ ] 9/8 - 08 - Hot Air Balloon Festival of St. Jean, Quebec, Canada
[ ] 11/8 - 08 - House Of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio
[ ] 12/8 - 08 - The Fillmore, Detroit, Michigan
[ ] 15/8 - 08 - House Of blues, Chicago, Illinois
[ ] 16/8 - 08 - Myth, St. Paul, Minneapolis
[ ] 19/8 - 08 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, California
[ ] 20/8 - 08 - House Of Blues, Anaheim, California
[ ] 22/8 - 08 - House Of Blues, Las Vegas, Nevada
[ ] 25/8 - 08 - Gothic Theatre, Denver, Colorado
[ ] 27/8 - 08 - House Of Blues, Dallas, Texas
[ ] 28/8 - 08 - Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston, Texas

Av Ica - 4 augusti 2008 18:19

According to their Mexican Fanclub, they will be playing an event for radio station 97.7 and fans can phone in to win tickets. All we know so far is "the end of the month", there is no confirmed date.

Here is the google translation and the original Spanish of the news:

Well girls this was an open secret what I was good but it's time to confirm that Tokyo Hotel will be in our country at the end of the month to play at an event with the private radio station 97.7

Here are leaving the phones to begin to draw and win their tickets:


52 59 01 57
52 59 11 97
Toll Free:
01 800 70 70 97 7
52 59 17 13

Girls we succeed thanks to all of you TH will be in Mexico in a very short time so we already know to call as crazy to win tickets, good luck to all!

Note: I think it will also have an event with Alfa Radio so we are very outstanding, when you have something safe passage to leave the phones of the station.

Bueno chicas esto era un secreto a voces yo lo se bien pero es hora de confirmar que Tokio Hotel estara en Nuestro pais a fin de mes para tocar en un evento privado con la estacion de radio 97.7

Aqui les dejo los telefonos para comenzar a llamar y ganar sus boletos:


52 59 01 57
52 59 11 97
Lada sin costo:
01 800 70 70 97 7
52 59 17 13

Chicas lo logramos gracias a todas ustedes TH estara en Mexico en muy poco tiempo asi que ya saben a llamar como locas para ganar boletos, mucha suerte a todas !!

Nota : Me parece que tambien tendran un evento con Alfa Radio asi que esten muy pendientes, cuando haya algo seguro, paso a dejarles los telefonos de la estacion.




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