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Av Ica - 22 juni 2008 20:58

To celebrate the launch of the new Official UK Forum, there is a competition going on right now exclusive to UK forum members with a chance to win some fantastic prize packages! If you are not yet a forum member, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to sign up!
This competition is a creative and artistic one!  You must submit something that is in some way inspired by Tokio Hotel...but what you submit is down to you - click HERE to check the full details!
Viel Glück!


Av Ica - 10 juni 2008 21:27

Direct from

"Remember Final Day UK on 7th March? The day UK Tokio Hotel fans got together to make our voices heard. Didn’t it feel good to be a part of it and to know that if only for one day we would get noticed and could our presence make felt?

UK Tokio Hotel fans crashed the Head of Universal UK's blackberry! (Sorry Lucian!)

So, are you ready for part two?

It's time to remind the powers that be we are here. Here’s your chance to get involved again and show what the UK fan base can achieve when working together. We won’t be forgotten and we won’t give up!

The fan action:

This time we want it to be a more visual fan action to really make an impact, so we will be sending postcards. The cards are aimed at Frank Briegmann, Head of Universal Germany. He makes decisions and we want him to consider at least starting some Tokio Hotel promotion in the UK later this year (we have it on good authority that they're conflicted about this). The EMAs are the perfect opportunity, we're all hoping for it, so let’s make sure they get to know about this and that we are here, ready and waiting in anticipation.

The rules:

• Send a postcard (or two!) of your hometown (or if you can’t get any, alternatively the area you live in) to Frank Briegmann. This is important as this fan action is also to show that there are TH fans all over the UK.

• Your postcard needs to show the following text:

Dear Mr Briegmann,

We want Tokio Hotel in the UK ready for the EMAs! We heard you may be able to squeeze us in this autumn... please don't wait until 2009!

{insert your name}

• Every postcard needs to bear this standard text. It connects all the cards to our fan action.

• Feel free to decorate and TH-fy the back of your card. Make it pretty and individual! Just don’t obscure the original message.

• Send your postcard on Monday, 16th June 2008 to:

Frank Briegmann
Universal Music
Stralauer Allee 1
10245 Berlin

• Stamp information: you’ll need one stamp for Europe, worth 50p (alternatively you can use 1 x large 1st class, 52p or 2 x 2nd class, adding up to 54p) and if available stick an Airmail sticker on your postcard, too. If not, write it on!

• Finally, don't miss out on adding your participation to the Final Day UK blog (! Remember all the letters during the first round? Well we want your photos! Take a picture of your postcard before you post it and send it along to us: \n This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

All the photos we receive will be posted on the blog so that it will be full of all the details of the UK fans and their awesome activism!


Just as important as your own involvement is to spread the word about this so we can reach as many UK Tokio Hotel fans as possible. The more people participate the bigger the impact we can make. Like last time, it’s essential that you spread the word about this fan action and get as many people as possible to send a postcard, too. Take the banner and put it on your on-line profiles, send bulletins etc. When doing so please make sure to forward all the information given above.

Let’s make it happen and show that our Final Day hasn’t come yet!"

Av Ica - 1 juni 2008 13:38

Another video!

Av Ica - 1 juni 2008 11:52

First pictures and video!!! Source

Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 23:41

So, Tokio Hotel have arrived in Portugal, pictures and other goodies will be up sooon ;)

Av Ica - 12 maj 2008 21:59

Yes, you read right! In only two hours the news has spread - all the way to America! They've gotten mails from all over the world and actually gotten mails from American fans who write that they support European fans. This is GREAT news! Till now, they've gotten 43 signatures, but it's more on the way!

Kristin-Anita and Marita are really happy 'bout this! remember to spread this news!

Av Ica - 11 maj 2008 22:18

Many of you have probably noticed that Tokio Hotel are touring a lot in America these days. Concerts in Europe this year have been cancelled, and instead of giving us new dates, they plan on going to America again.

We think they are starting to treat the European fans unfair, and we are worried about TH staying in America for good, forgetting all about Europe.

We are now asking everyone who agree with us to sign our list. All you need to do is to send us an Email with your name (for name and surname, please) and we will send it to Universal Music in Berlin June 1st. Send your Email to this address; " "

Along with the list of names we will write a long letter and complain about the treatment, and tell them how much we want them to tour in Europe too.

Please help us!

Regards Kristin-Anita and Marita.



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