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Av Ica - 10 augusti 2008 19:42

Bill getting MOBBED by fans at <i>TRL</i> Bill getting MOBBED by fans at TRL  

Hi guys it’s Bill!
It’s been a pretty busy summer since our last stay here in the U.S. We performed at tons of festivals all over Europe but now we are back in the States and the first thing I have to say is: THANK YOU so much for all your support these last few days. Being nominated at the MTV VMAs was really unbelievable for us! Your votes made this happen and we’re totally blown away – it’s sooo exciting!

But let’s have a look at what has happened so far in America: We had a great start in NYC where we spent most of our first week at MTV's TRL, which was pretty cool.

Then, on Thursday night we had the kick off gig for our American concert run in New Jersey. The whole concert was wicked and we had an awesome time with all the fans!

After the New Jersey show we boarded our tour bus to head to Montreal, Canada where we performed at a festival and then it was already time to come back to the U.S.

Actually, right now we are on our way to Cleveland and we’ll be spending all of August touring in the States so make sure to check our concert dates. We hope to see all of you guys at one of our shows!

Oh, the other three guys just told me to say “Hi” from them! Take care and hope to see you soon!


Av Ica - 28 maj 2008 16:00

Hi everyone, it’s Bill!

We are back in Germany and what can I tell you? We really had an awesome time in North America! Our last show in Montreal was just incredible – such an energetic and excited audience! You guys were so loud during the whole show that we could barely hear ourselves on stage which is exactly how we love it! After coming back to Germany a really big surprise was waiting for us: on Friday night German music channel VIVA hosted their award show COMET! We were nominated for three awards and won four !!! “Best Live Act”, “Best Band”, “Best Video”. Then at the end of the show we even received the so called “Super Comet”, which is basically given to the winner of the winners of this show…absolutely TERRIFIC that we got it!!! All the awards were determined by votings so once again you showed how incredible you are and how unbelievable your support is! You really complete us! Everyone must envy us because of you guys – I guess we really have the best fans EVER!!!
Take care everybody!

Av Ica - 20 maj 2008 16:53


Hi guys, it’s Bill! I’m so glad to be can’t imagine how good this feels! We’re in NYC at the moment, we arrived here Friday afternoon. The next morning we had to get up at 5 am which was kind of tough, but being here makes up for all these little hassles…it’s terrific being in the States! Saturday we performed at the Bamboozle Festival which was tons of fun - being back on stage was such a big relief for me! Sunday was our day off so we slept in for a really long time. After Tom and I got up we went out to grab some coffee and in the afternoon we took the chance to cruise through some New York bars ! Our next seven days will be packed with promotion and performances in New York. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know next Monday how everything went! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.



Hi guys, this is Tom. We just arrived in L.A on Sunday after a really exciting week in N.Y. We are just blown away by the support you guys have given us this week - no matter where we were, YOU were always there. We had an amazing performance on MTV TRL, a great signing session at Virgin Megastore, some cool interviews, an exciting performances at Conan O’Brian and a wicked time at our signing session in Philly. On Tuesday night we drove over to Times Square and totally freaked out when we saw these really huge pictures of us hanging at MTV - soooo amazing. Now that we’re in L.A., we went to Santa Monica to chill at the ocean a little bit before we play our show. It’s the first full show after Bill’s surgery - we are all very excited and hope to see you there! Take care - Tom



Hi guys, it’s Tom again! We’re in Canada at the moment. It’s the first time we’ve seen Canada without snow and the sun shining - it’s great! We left Toronto yesterday and are in Montreal now where we’ll play our last show of our North America’s been an amazing trip so far. In Toronto we went to "Much On Demand" at Much Music and that really blew us away. You guys were so excited and cheered so loud that Bill and I couldn’t understand our own words - but we loved it. You guys rock and that really gives us energy. We were very excited about the show in Toronto at Sound Academy last Friday! I have to say, we had an awesome time on stage and with you guys - thanks for coming out! On Saturday we had a day off and we took some time to run around Toronto and got to see more of the city. We even went to an amusement park and went on some different roller coaster rides - soooo much fun! Now we’re getting prepared for tonight’s show in Montreal. I hope to see you all there - let’s have a great night together! Well, talk to you soon - take care for now. Tom



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