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Av Ica - 10 augusti 2008 19:42

Bill getting MOBBED by fans at <i>TRL</i> Bill getting MOBBED by fans at TRL  

Hi guys it’s Bill!
It’s been a pretty busy summer since our last stay here in the U.S. We performed at tons of festivals all over Europe but now we are back in the States and the first thing I have to say is: THANK YOU so much for all your support these last few days. Being nominated at the MTV VMAs was really unbelievable for us! Your votes made this happen and we’re totally blown away – it’s sooo exciting!

But let’s have a look at what has happened so far in America: We had a great start in NYC where we spent most of our first week at MTV's TRL, which was pretty cool.

Then, on Thursday night we had the kick off gig for our American concert run in New Jersey. The whole concert was wicked and we had an awesome time with all the fans!

After the New Jersey show we boarded our tour bus to head to Montreal, Canada where we performed at a festival and then it was already time to come back to the U.S.

Actually, right now we are on our way to Cleveland and we’ll be spending all of August touring in the States so make sure to check our concert dates. We hope to see all of you guys at one of our shows!

Oh, the other three guys just told me to say “Hi” from them! Take care and hope to see you soon!


Av Ica - 10 augusti 2008 19:40

Enter to win tix to see the band (and say Enter to win tix to see the band (and say "hi"at a meet & greet!)

Want to see Tokio Hotel live in concert?

What about getting to meet the band live in person?

That's just what's going to happen to one lucky winner!

One winner will get a pair (2) of tickets to see the band play at their choice of the following dates/venues:
Anaheim, CA (8/20), Las Vegas, NV (8/22), Denver, CO (8/25), Dallas, TX (8/27)or Houston, TX (8/28)

The winner will also get a meet & greet with the guys!

But, hurry, this contest only runs till August 12th!

Just click HERE to enter to win!

Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 23:20

Teens line up to see German pop sensation - All Samantha Belbey wanted was a hug from the leader of her favorite band, Tokio Hotel.

“I really wanted to meet them,” said the 14-year-old, her eyes still wet after being told by a security guard that she could not hug Bill Kaulitz, the band’s popular lead singer.

Belbey of Riverhead, N.Y., joined hundreds of adoring fans Friday for an autograph signing with the band at the Hot Topic clothing store in the Freehold Raceway Mall.

Tokio Hotel — which is causing a minor sensation in this country after years of popularity in Germany — kicked off its U.S club tour Thursday with a sold-out performance at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville.

The band members already are major stars in Germany, where they have sold close to 3 million CDs and DVDs and have earned themselves four No. 1 singles and two No. 1 albums. They recently released an album made up of tracks from their first two German albums, re-recorded in English.

In a nod to their gaining popularity in this country, the video for their single “Ready, Set, Go” was recently nominated for an MTV Video Music Award.

The rockers were greeted Friday by long lines of mainly teenaged girls decked out in a uniform of skin-tight jeans, studded belts and brightly dyed hair.

Ashley Ankudovich and Leyna Andren, both 16-year-old Stafford residents, were the first to arrive, just before 7 a.m., they said. The mall opens at 10 a.m

“They are the only (band) I want to ever meet,” Ankudovich gushed.

Both teens, like many others in the crowd, said they attended the band’s concert Thursday. But that wasn’t enough for many, apparently.

“Bill’s voice is, like, so good,” said Marissa Silverberg, 16, of Manalapan, referring to Tokio Hotel’s superskinny front man, Bill Kaulitz, who usually sports an electrified shock of black hair and enough eye shadow and eyeliner to make Motley Crue proud.

Silverberg went to the concert with John Pender, one of the few male fans at the signing. Silverberg and Pender were each wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Tokio Hotel” as they waited in line.

The band’s music encourages listeners to be positive, said Pender, 16, of Manalapan.

“Whatever gets you down — there’s always something good in life to look forward to,” Pender said.

Nicole Chis, 14, and Joy Mo, 13, of Highland Park came prepared.

“Bill” and “Kaulitz” were written in black marker on Chis’ arms. And Mo came with a handmade sign that read “We Love Tokio Hotel” in German, using the colors of the German flag — yellow, red and black. On the back, she had recreated the German flag.

“We love Tokio Hotel. . . . Their music is really cool. It’s, like, really good,” Chis said.

“I’ve never liked anybody so much,” she added.

Zarina Montecinos, 14, likes the band so much that she and her sister came from Fredericksburg, Va., to attend the concert and the signing.

“I was, like, shocked,” Montecinos said, still trying to catch her breath after the bandmates signed a shirt for her.

“I just love the music,” Montecinos said.

Her favorite is Bill Kaulitz, whose twin brother, Tom, plays guitar for the band.

“I love his hair,” she said, referring to Bill Kaulitz. “He’s so cute.”


Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 23:15

ITV Entertainment in the UK has a small article about Tokio Hotel in their “Music Pics of the Day”.

The gravity-defying, Sonic-style spikes belong to Bill Kaulitz of rising pop-rockers Tokio Hotel.

What you’ve never heard of them? Well, back-combing Bill here and his fellow ‘hoteliers’ halted traffic and created scenes of mass hysteria yesterday when they turned up for an MTV show in New York.

Germany’s answer to McFly (yes, really) have dominated the charts in their native land with catchy hits such as Schrei and Heilig. Having won over the hearts of eye-liner loving teens in The States, the four-piece now have their sights on the UK.

Expect hairspray sales to go through the roof.

Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 23:12

translation by Peki from

Hard times for Tokio Hotel haters!

Tokio Hotel: Nomination for the Video Music Awards

Wow! Kaulitz & Co. are really taking off. Tokio Hotel are keeping the TRL phone lines busy and MTV dedicated a whole week of coverage to them, stopping traffic in New York’s Times Square to film the guys from Magdeburg there. It’s got to feel like a dream to Tokio Hotel.

To top this, the band has been nominated for a ‘Best Pop Video’ MTV Video Music Award with their song ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ (‘Übers Ende der Welt’). The awards show takes place on September 9th in Los Angeles, and Bill can hardly believe it:

“It’s so cool to be nominated. It’s something really, really special – it’s America and our first American award. This is great!”

It’s incredible what Tokio Hotel have accomplished lately, but they sure deserve their success. Congratulations!

Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 23:07

Av Ica - 9 augusti 2008 23:06




Do you like that we moved back here (to write news)???
 Doesn't matter, both were good

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