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Tonights concert info that we usually post will be up tomorrow

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Thanks to JennyTH from

Rock in Rio Madrid 08 - 28.06'08

Barcelona (27.06.08) 2617366930_ebe3b63333.jpg 2617366318_7cb6cf30b9.jpg 2617365018_be31b6f47b.jpg 2617364682_bc804ed48f.jpg 2617364488_217b98cff8.jpg 2617364272_8a06f95ffc.jpg 2617364028_c98af33f69.jpg 2617364860_b78953051e.jpg 2616543453_fa9f042fd8.jpg 2616542831_aea2a3b015.jpg 2616542371_f181d21d9e.jpg 2616542173_cbc3d86130.jpg 2616541963_c12602f3d8.jpg 2616541475_7ccdabe971.jpg

M&G in Budapest [10.4.07]

m&g in Barcelona [27.6.08]

Rock in Rio Madrid

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translation by purplehaze at - please credit her if used. p.s this is long.

The concert Saturday evening at the Parc des Princes undoubtedly marks the dedication of these young unrestrained rockers: Tokio Hotel has never been so up/on top…. From Trabendo to the Parc des Princes in just two years, only one of many records erupted by Tokio Hotel. Bringing an entire generation to sing along in German, when even Kraftwerk had capitulated there, know how to impose guitars at a time when they are considered to be overtaken by the keyboard, implode all record sales and rekindle the flickering flame of “manias” as in the good old days of the Beatles mania, all this was reached by the kids of Tokio Hotel.

In just two years of existence and despite - or thanks to - their GV (German version) rock the band of the twins from Magdeburg has beaten all records of sales and popularity this year. In this storm of furious Tokio Hotel mania, here’s from “A” like German to “Z” like “Zimmer 483″, the small lexicon of everything that one really needs to know about Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav.


Since the very first concert at Trabendo, in Paris last summer, it was already a halu (hallucination?) ALL French fans sang the songs in German by heart… even if they did not speak a single German word. The German contributes to the phenomenon Tokio Hotel… even with the French accent!

Bill: “We did not expect that at all, even in our greatest dreams! I have never imagined such a success and to have so many fans in France who, in addition, sing our songs in German. That has surprised us very much and it makes us really feel warm at heart.


Bill Kaulitz, singer and twin brother of guitarist Tom, is just 18 years old. His dyed raven hair, his makeup, his fragility, his ambiguity and his neo-goth look between Robert Smith and Marilyn Manson contribute significantly to the phenomenal success of the band. By the way, like with the Cure and Manson, some of the fans adopted and reproduced Bill’s style as closely as possible.


Bill: “All our songs are written in cooperation with our producers, we would never come to the idea of singing stuff written by others who have nothing to do with us. In a song, there must be something personal in it to sing it like it has to be. Often the producers have an idea, but sometimes it is us. We meet and work together. And after that the rights are shared, it depends on the track, depending on the importance of everyone’s work/input. ”


In their very first video “Schrei,” we see them destroying a villa. Yet in real life, the Tokios are rather cool guys.

Bill: “It was a house that had to be destroyed; it was razed two weeks after the shooting. But that does not really resemble what happens during our concerts. I would not hate to destroy a hotel room, for example. Obviously, I would enjoy that! But on the other hand, I’m too stingy, I would not like to pay to have it all repaired later. So that’s why I don’t do it. ”


According to our information, the recording of the latest CD could sometimes be an excuse to party.

Bill: “We recorded the album in the country.

Tom: We have to say however that there is an apartment above the studio where we lived and that was a big mess! Each week a housekeeper was passing and cleaning with Kärcher (pressure washer)!”


Bill: “We are always amazed at what fans are able and willing to do for us. From time to time, that is very impressive, but it makes us very happy, sometimes we even find it hard to believe it! ”

Tom: “Personally, I am very happy when girls scream my name!” (Laughter)


Georg: “In fact Bill and Tom make rock music together for a really long time, since the age of 7 years. Gustav and I, we met at the school of music and we quickly played together, the two of us. And one night, we went to see Bill and Tom playing in this club Gröninger Bad and while hearing them, it was obvious that they needed help. We went to see them backstage and so the band was born.”


Along with Nena, who sang the immortal “99 Red Balloons” in the early 80’s, Nina Hagen is one of the very rare German influences of Tokio Hotel. Whimsical and frosty character, she had been able to make the whole planet dance with her “African Reggae”.

Bill: “Nina Hagen was really brilliant. Nena also, even if it is more pop and less rock. Me, personally, I’m a great fan of Nina and Nena, since the age of eight.”


When the promo of the album and the tour will be completed, what are they dreaming of?
Of a paradisiacal island … and pretty girls!

Tom: “I dream of a remote island with plenty of sunshine, a fantastic beach with white sand, clear and turquoise water and long siestas.
And pretty girls! For me the summer often means going out with one or more chicks. With Bill and my parents, we used to spend all our summers in these mega-destinations in southern Spain. There was such a concentration of pretty girls that it was not difficult to seduce some of them.”


Bill and Tom were born 10 minutes apart.

Bill: “I’ve stayed a little longer because I went back again in the belly of my mother, so it lasted a little longer. Normally the intervals are only two or three minutes.
It’s great to have a twin brother. We do everything together, it’s true, but we started making music at the same time. We have the same interests, so this is not a calamity, on the contrary.

Tom: Often brothers and sisters do not get along very well, do not understand each other. But we are twins. And as we have the same
interests, it’s great to work together.”


With her powerful hit and rock music, with her charming and perfect German, the Beautiful Lafee appears to be the female response to the band from Magdeburg. But from the top of her 17 years, does Lafee threat the media power of Tokio Hotel?
With her glowing eyes, La Belle (the beautiful) Christina Klein has success anyway with the release of her second CD “Jetzt Erst Recht.”


Bill: “In fact Magdeburg is really not terrible as a city. There, we all agree actually. It is true that we were all grown up there, we still live there, but we don’t imagine at all spending our whole life there. Seriously, that is not a city that you want to visit when you are tourists in Germany. It is a total boring hole, especially for young people.”


Next, the next step for TH, with the release of “Scream”, their first CD in English that joyfully mixes their first two German albums, that’s the conquest of England and the New World: America.

Bill: “We will go on tour, and go on touring. We will go to a maximum of countries where we have never been before to play and do promo. For the moment, we concentrate a lot on the United Kingdom because it is a great step forward for a German band to succeed there.”


The Parents of Georg and Gustav and the brothers have affirmed from the beginning to be the most fervent supporters of the band.

Bill: “Our mother is an artist, she paints on canvas. Our parents are divorced. And our stepfather is a musician. He plays acoustic guitar and it was him who introduced us to the music. He has made everything available. At home, he had all the necessary equipment.

Tom: Me, he has put the guitar and amplifier in my room, that was great. It was him who helped me to learn music.”


Tom: “Our sound is fast and powerful. It is sweeping as well as emotional. It’s good German rock. We have always tried to create our own style so that we remain original. Since the very beginning of the band, seven years ago, we have always composed our music. So far, we have only sung a single cover, that was “Instant Karma” by John Lennon and it was a sampler for the benefit of Amnesty International where you also found U2 and Green Day.

Bill: Doing our own thing, creating our own style and our sound has always been our priority.”


Bill: “We have listened to our hearts because last year we received many letters and e-mails from our fans, we have been on the forums on the Internet and we perceived that suicide was a thing of which many people thought, not always seriously, but some really think of doing it. It is a subject that is present very early in the heads of teenagers. It happens as a result of their first break-up, loss of a loved one and one no longer knows what retains us in life? That’s an issue that we wanted to deal with because it has touched us.”


Tom Kaulitz, the twin of Bill, is the guitarist of the band. His look is light years away from that of his brother. Far from the neo-gothic, with his cool locks and his wide clothes, Tom belongs to the galaxy of riders, surfers and other skaters.

Tom: “Music is my biggest passion, my childhood dream. And today I have the privilege to accomplish this dream in the best conditions. I wake up with music and I go to bed with music, I play in front of a great audience, I could not imagine doing anything else. ”


With the global success, the rock of Tokio Hotel is aimed at kids of an amount of nations: the energetic and fun rock has become universal pulverizing language barriers on the passage.


Since the first video from “Schrei”, Tokio Hotel has used to its advantage the offensive weapon of the video-clip to capture new sonic territories.


Bill: “This song doesn’t only speak about staying together all our lives. It rather answers the question: “What will we become after our death?” I thought a lot about that and for me each person on Earth is there to leave something behind him/her when he/she dies. I can not imagine that everything is over after death and that there is nothing left of us. I believe that every person, famous or not, leaves something the day when he/she leaves.”


Tom: “The idea of the title came up during the time of our vacation in Spain last year where we decided to relax and write songs at the same time. We had rented a little dilapidated house in Spain, which had the number 483, that’s where we wrote the first title of our second album “Wir Sterben Niemals Aus.” We’ve found that that characterized well this new album.”

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