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Av Ica - 7 maj 2009 13:48

  • Girl, 21, belongs to a stalkergroup from France. They are five girls and they call themselvs "Afghans on tour".

  • The group has during the past year persecuted the band and even their family members. This is confirmed by David Jost.

  • The twins (Tom & Bill) mom has been endangered and in some was been attacked the past weeks. They have notified the police about these things.

  • The girls have behaved violently and threatening towards the band and people close to the band. They have thrown eggs on the boys cars, sent threatening letters and followed after the band when they have left the studio.

  • Jost says that the band members has asked that the girls should be forbidden close to the band, their families and homes.

  • What happened the 15th April at the petrol station was that one of the girls took up a cigarett that Tom and thrown and pushed towards his car window. Tom got mad and got out of the car and hit or pushed her easly so she fell. He pushed another girl to the rear of his car. Jost says that Tom would never hurt a fan.

  • Journalists came to the petrol station very fast, before the police and ambulance. We don't know if the press knew anything about this or if they just where near by.

  • The girls reported Tom for "abuse", but the band has also reported the girls for what they have fone. A lot of people have contacted the police and been trying to help the boys. Hope it's enough to help them!!


Av Ica - 25 juni 2008 10:22

cerdit to Schnee

In the new issue of the journal Joepie (Belgium) printed an interview with Tom Kaulitz. Tom talked about his love for holidays, about revenge and the luxury of living rock star.

Tokio Hotel experienced a tense time: behind the tours of Europe and the U.S conquest. It is summer… and of course the boys will have little time for the holidays. Tom Kaulitz tells about his plans, big love to do and much more!

- Tom, summer nastepilo. What you comes to mind first when you slyshishi word "vacation"?
Volume: Uninhabited island, the sun, beautiful beaches, blue sea and a lot of time for sleep. Amazing!

- Holidays for you always linked to "flirt"?
Tom: I can not remember a single summer, when I had not met with one or even many of the girls. After all, before we went with Bill to countries where there were many tourists. For example, in Spain. There has always been incredibly mnooogo girls and there was no difficulty in that couple seduce girls. (grin)

- Do you think Resort novel may be prolonged?
Tom: I think that summer, much less holiday, created to rest and relax and not think of anything. This refers to the novel and the spa, too. This is even more interesting: you're far away from home, open to all new… Then it all goes well, each make their own path .. At least with me has never been anything lengthy.

- Do you think, boy and girl can be just friends?
Tom: Yes, but I know for sure that this friendship, as a rule. It is very fragile. For example, if you fell in love with one another and have to want to be something more in the relationship. So I am more inclined to ensure that such relations are very complex.

- Just Do you his girlfriend if she you with someone change?
Tom: No, I can not tolerate betrayal. I can just only three people: my brother Bill, mother and best friend Andreas. If someone would do something behind me, I no longer give this man no chance.

- Budesh Do you take revenge, if you offend?
Tom: Of course! I always mschu when necessary!

- For example?
Volume: To love this has nothing to do with. In high school I was fond of hooligans and do what was forbidden. And of course always been a couple of "well", who knock on my teachers. Here's IM, I always mstil. I hate these people!

- What are you doing this, that was banned?
Tom: Yes, in principle, do not worry. I hooligans, but that there was nothing criminal. Most often, I podtrunival over teachers: they shed on the stele ink, adhesive plaster and painted door handles on the school benches.

- All that time you spend with Bilom, Gustav and George. Are any of them have any feature, which shows you from yourself?
Tom: Yes. Georg terribly lazy! I, too, of course laziness is there, but Georg compared with me simply fearsome! When we come into a new country and going on trips, Georg always sleep in bed.

Spell-their best character traits.
Tom: faith in themselves. I am confident in themselves and live, not thinking about anything. My friends and relatives always come to me for advice. And I am pleased to fulfil its role counselor. (laughs)

- Millions of girls around the world aspire to hold a night with you. How do you apply to such success?
Tom: First, it was quite funny when you constantly monitored for, but gradually used to this. Have fun people, pay attention to fans, give interviews. I have all this leads unrealistic! I am incredibly similar to the mind of such glory, and a luxurious life rock star!

- Oplya! Such claims only to the super-stars who usually make a lot of requirements. What is your list?
Tom: Yes nothing special! This is not all about us! This does not concern me either, neither Bill nor Gustave nor George. When we speak somewhere, asking only drinks, chips and pizza. Large unusual requests and wishes for a better America really big stars!

Av Ica - 21 juni 2008 14:36

Credit to LipstickNapkin for scans and translation! Olivia is a Danish magazine.

"I think that everyone should be how they want to be"

TOKIO HOTEL-TOM: "Bill is my soul mate!"

Tom is the more playful of the Kaulitz twins, but there’s still one thing that he’s deadly serious about: the closeness and the love for his brother. Also read about, how Tom’s dream girl should be and why he got his current hair-do.

Facts about Tom Kaulitz
Age: 18 years.
Born: Leipzig, Germany.
Job: Plays guitar in Tokio Hotel.
Eyecolor: Brown.
Favorite Dish: Pasta.
Interests: Parties, skateboard, graffiti.
Other: He always buys his clothes in size XXL.

Right now

The band is on their 1000 Hotels European Open Air Tour. Tom said that he is totally ready to get back into the studio and record new material, so the fans will already have something to listen to this winter, so keep your fingers crossed!

Tom performed for the first time at the age of 5 in the German tv-series "Verrückt Nach Dir" (means: Crazy About You), where he starred with Bill. But it wasn't only the tv-carrier the got Tom's attention. As a kid he actually dreamed about becoming a cowboy! But all that changed when his stepdad gave him a guitar, at the age of 9. The music has been the most important thing for Tom since then and he started writing his own songs right away. Later on when he and Bill started Tokio Hotel, everything else in life was pushed aside, including school.

Style and image

Tom's style is inspired by rap and he loves caps and big pants. One of his biggest idols is the German hip hop-star Samy Deluxe, who was also Tom's first concert. A trademark that a lot of people connect to Tom is his dreadlocks, which he got at the age of 12.

"I thought it was cool. When I was younger, I had short hair, but I got tired of always having to style it. I wanted a hair-do that was easy to take care of and looked the way it was supposed to, when I woke up in the morning. That's why I let my hair grow and got dreadlocks."

Tom thinks Bill dresses a little weird in his tight pants, but Tom thinks it's really important that everybody looks the way that they feel comfortable with.

" I don’t want to change anything about myself. I think that everybody should be the way that they want to be and noone needs to change anything about themselves."

Brother and soul mate

While Bill is seen as the kinda shy type, when answering questions, Tom is the loud joker who loves to be the center of attention and joke around. But when it comes to his relationship with his twinbrother, Tom is always pretty serious.

"I can't live without Bill. We do everything together, we tell eachother everything, we are unseperable."
Like a lot of other identical twins, Tom feels that he has a special bond with Bill and knows how he feels, without having to talk to him.

"We don't look like twins, but we’re soul mates. When I look at Bill, I know right away how he thinks. I can feel if he's having problems, even if I'm not with him."

Serious about love

Tom is known as a real player and even though a lot of people are crazy about Bill, Tom is not that far behind. Like the other guys in the band, there's a lot of rumors about Tom having a girlfriend, but he denies right away at mention af the topic. He even says that he doesn't think that he will ever trust a girl as much as he trusts Bill. So even though he seems like a player, love is important to him and not something you should joke about.

"I've been in love, but I don't think I've every loved someone. Love is something rare and beautiful. But it can also suck, if the other person doesn't love you."

Tom’s opinion about

Money: It's a great bonus, but it's not everything in life.
Friendship: Friends are super awesome to have. You need friends, eventhough it's hard to find some who isn't fake.
The Dreamgirl: She needs to be extremly spontaneous and fun. I need to be able to have fun with her, and it would be awesome if she wore cool clothes. It's important that we're able to be on the same level and of course I have to like the way she looks.

Tom in numbers:

-He owns over 350 caps!
-The 4 words that Tom thinks describes him are: laid back, spontaneous, smart and sloppy.
-He started wearing baggy-jeans at the mere age of 9.
-He is 184 cm tall.
-He got 1 piercing in his lip.


Av Ica - 1 juni 2008 14:24

Hot or what??

Av Ica - 31 maj 2008 10:21

Here is a video of Tom at the after party at the Comet Awards:


Av Ica - 30 maj 2008 18:57

Im the one that loves Tom so here are a few nice pictures of him =D


Av Ica - 29 maj 2008 20:03

Fun thing I found.

A is for Aerosmith, cause that's the first album he bought( nice choice Tom!!!)

B is for BILL. Just couldn't resist!!! :P

C is for Cadillac. I wanna ride too Tom ;) hehe...mmmmmmmmmm

D is for dreadlocks, couldn't imagine how he would look wothout them!!!

E is for Eva Longoria-one of his fave actresses

F is for flirting, wohooo go Tom go!!! We have all watched the interview where he plays with his lip piercing...  is it hot in here or is it me? :D

G is for groupies. We all know why....

H is for hats, lots and lots of hats...tooooo many hats...haha

I is I guess for interviews, cause he always says something funny in the interviews, and sometimes things he should NEVER, repeat NEVER say...

J is fooor, what for? Lost this one, awww.... :(

K is for...uuuu OK it's for Kasimir (like the K at Bill's list)

L is for Litsche. OK again like the Bill list but c'mon they are brothers(even twins) sooo yeah...

M is for Mach man. Hahahhahahhaa you should check it in youtube!!! Sooo cool!! Mach macho maaaan... And also for Die Maldiven, naja WUNDERBAR!!!!

N is for Nicole Scherzinger. He likes her, oops no loves her, soo... Did  you see the interview with Bushido at the german MTV when they put on the phone Bill and Tom??? No? Then don't!!!!!! Cause first Tom says something about Nicole, then Bushido, then Tom again and then I was like-  NOOOO HE DIDN'T SAAAYYY THAAAT, POOR NICOLE....

O is for one night stand, don't need to comment that!!!

P is for pizza-his fave. Aslo for piercing and partys

Q is for, well for nothing, I hate Q

R is for Reden. You could say that that's Tom's song!!!

S is for Sexgott, his nickname(oooooo) Well, he says so.. Also for Samy Deluxe

T is for Tom's Teddy(aaawwww) sooo sweet!!!

U is for.... damn it I don't know..

V is for Virgo- his( and Bill's) sign. Also for vodka( I love vodka)hahahahahahahahahah

W is for WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE MY  t-shirt. I love that shirt!!!

X is for XXL. NO not that XXL you perve!! XXL is Tom's size. No not that size you perve, for his clothes!!!!

Y is for yep, no idea!!!

Z is for zipper. Cause when he plays live, his zipper is ahhhm... you got it! Just lets say that if go up on stage, you could easily take his pants off(oooo ja ja!!!) hihi




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